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SFI Valvemax is a specialist supplier of valve maintenance equipment in Australia. This is high-quality and reliable equipment designed to carry out maintenance tasks to ensure water systems are operating at their highest performance levels.

As we know, a water distribution system is an essential investment in the community's infrastructure. Consisting of pipes, valves and hydrants, each plays an important role in ensuring water service and quality. The ability to locate and operate valves in an emergency is imperative to the safety of the community. A valve maintenance program is essential proactive program to identify and prevent deficiencies in a water distribution system and for operator safety.

Our rapidly growing product range includes; Valve Maintenance Trailers, Mounted Valve Exercisers, Handheld Valve Exercisers, GPS Controllers & Software, Utility Vacuum Systems, Mains Flushing Systems and Pipe Cutting Equipment.


VTurn Ratcheting Valve Turner

The all new VTurn, a revolutionised T-Wrench for turning utility valves of all types. 

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SFI is now the Australian Agent for Stanley Hydraulic tools

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