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Introducing the 3S AIG Handheld Valve Actuator.

17 August 2021

Redesigned with all the smart technology required for the Australian water industry the 3S AIG Handheld Valve Actuator is here to ensure safe, efficient and portable valve exercising. Save costs, ensure staff safety all while being easy to handle.

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Have you heard about our Valve Exercising trailer?

13 August 2018

Valve Exercising program can help you locate and exercise water valves to ensure that they function/operate properly.

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2017 Hunter Water project-Valve Maintenance Trailer

5 April 2018

This blog is about our project with Hunter Water using the valve maintenance trailer helps businesses saving in critical valve replacement. Valve Maintenance Trailers combine all the necessary features required for valve exercising maintenance involving hydro-excavation and valve turning.

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3 Things You Don't Want on a Sampling Point

6 June 2017

3 Things you don+39t want on a sampling station While the cost of the repair or replacement may be inexpensive, the cost of digging out a Sampling Station may be substantial. Here's 3 things to keep in check on your Sampling Station to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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Why Valve Exercising?

28 October 2016

Why Valve Exercising TN Why do valves need to be exercised? What is valve exercising?

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How to Exercise Valves

28 October 2016

How to Exercise Valves TN Recommended process for exercising valves.

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How to implement a Valve Maintenance Program

28 October 2016

How to Implement a Valve Exercising Program TN 7 Steps on how to implement a Valve Maintenance Program

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WIOA Rockhampton 2016

7 June 2016

WIOA Rockhampton TN SFI Australia was represented at the WIOA Exhibition in Rockhampton by Valvemax and Civilmax products.

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Oz Water 2016

12 May 2016

Oz Water 2016 - Thumb SFI Valvemax at Oz Water Show 2016

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Valvemax at WIOA September 2015

25 August 2015

WIOA September 2015Thumbnail SFI Valvemax will be represented at the Water Industry Operations Association exhibition in September 2015 held in Bendigo.

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See Us At WIOA June 2015

12 June 2015

WIOA TNSFI ValveMAX will be exhibiting a range of products at the Water Industry Operators Association exhibition in Toowoomba on the 17 & 18 June 2015.

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Got DBP's or Residuals?

1 June 2015

V BLOG Got DBPs Home Page Image Disinfectant By-Products (DBP's) have been shown to cause major health problems such as heart disease, cancer and recent links to Alzheimer's disease. DBPs can begin to form in water in as little as 4-7 days. Solution? Install an Automatic Flushing Station!

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