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3 Things You Don't Want on a Sampling Point

6 June 2017

While the cost of the repair or replacement may be inexpensive, the cost of digging may be substantial.

Sampling stations are probably the most exercised asset on a distribution system, so when evaluating sampling stations for purchase it is best to look for designs that do not have the features listed below.

Tap crossed out

1. Threaded Nozzles

Let's face it...threads collect gunk!

And that gunk can get into your water sample! If possible, it's best to use nozzles that do not have threads. If collecting samples from a home, the bath tub spigot is a good tap to use (no threads, good flow)!

SFI offers the most choices for sampling stations for warm and cold climates in both above and below grade applications.

All with non-threaded sampling nozzles! Additionally, our stations come with lockable enclosures and sampling nozzle caps to keep the bugs, bees, and ants out. This ensures the sampling waterway is kept clean. Click here for more information or contact us for recommended stations for your area and applications!

Hose crossed out

2. Drain/Weep Hole

Drain/Weep holes are exposed to ground water!

That is why it is never a good idea to take a bacteriological or water quality samples from yard hydrants or fire hydrants that have a drain/weep hole.

Additionally, if sampling from homes, it's best not to take samples from faucets with leaking handles, swivel faucets, or attachments like hose sprayers/aerators!

SFI’s sampling stations are designed without drain/weep holes. Non-draining wet barrel stations for warm climates and stations engineered to be hand-pumped or to utilize a mechanical drain valve to prevent freezing in cold climates! Click here for more information or contact us for recommended stations for your area and applications!

Ball Valve Operation crossed out

3. Ball Valve Operation

Ball valves eventually wear out.

One of the biggest disadvantages to ball valves that are buried below grade (primarily in cold climates) is that they must be dug up to be repaired or replaced.


SFI recommends either a Sampling Station or Intelligent Flushing Unit to avoid these issues.

Sampling Stations

Sampling Station - Eclipse 88-SS

Dedicated stations provide access to sampling
taps and reduce 
potential contamination.




Intelligent Flushing Stations

Intelligent Flushing -

Combine Sampling and Flushing into one unit. New
technology incorporating a chlorine analyzer and
maintain safe drinking water chlorine residual


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