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Wireless Actuator

3S Stationary Valve Actuators are designed for the permanent automation of valves in buried infrastructures and optionally offer decentralized control through integration and SCADA systems.

3S multi turn actuators is the latest technology in valve actuation setting new standards in terms of efficiency, power volume & power to weight ratio.

The innovative mobile and stationary 3S drive units make the operation of underground utility networks more economical by:

  • Efficiency Improvements-no one needs to drive there
  • Automatic shut-off valves
  • Automatic bordering valves in pressure zones and / or DMAs:
  • Automatic measurement of non-revenue water/ leakage detection
  • Pressure management
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Flow management to avoid stagnate water
  • Automatic valve operation
  • Avoiding of Stagnation
  • Fast reaction in case of desasters
  • Connect zones in cases more firefighting water is needed
  • Stabilisation of system pressure in cases of pipeline ruptures
  • Isolation in cases of contamination

Underground Installation

Automatic Shut Off Valve

Remote Control Valve

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Valve Maintenance Trailer

Valve Maintenance Trailers combine all the necessary features required for valve exercising maintenance involving hydro-excavation and valve turning. They are available in three sizes (Grand, Standard and Compact), and all the equipment is attached to a versatile platform that can be easily transported to site. They are completely customisable (click here for more details) so can be easily upgraded as needs arise or budget allows. Watch the video below for more details.

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Valve Maintenance Equipment
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Ultimate Guide to Valve Maintenance Trailers

Valve Maintenance Trailer Ultimate Product Guide


Customise your Valve Maintenance Trailer.


If the Compact, Standard or Grand just doesn't quite suit you, enquire about our custom set-ups. With your choice of ERV-750 Exercising System, TM-7 Exercising System and Valve Machine Intelligent Automation, you can customise the set-up to suit your needs.  The Valve Maintenance base can be mounted onto your choice of transport or if you desire, it can be permanently installed in a convenient position.



Custom Ute Set Up - I2   Cape Town Water - Custom Set-up
Custom Ute Setup   Cape Town Water Custom Setup



Automatic Mains Flushing

Mains Flushing involves circulating water in water systems that are particularly susceptible to a build-up of disinfectant by products and a decrease in residual levels. A regular flushing schedule  ensures potable water does not become stagnant, reducing the possibility of the water becoming a serious health problem for consumers. Installing a Mains Flushing device is a simple and effective solution to establishing a regular flushing routine. 


Watch: Automatic Flushing Unit

- Solution to Dead End Water


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Automatic Flushing Products

Flushing Brochure - SFI ValveMAX

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Pedal Activated  N103288

Introducing the new Fully mechanical, pedal demand avoids getting your hand contaminated

Proudly made in Australia, this stainless steel dispenser is fully mechanical.

Its pedal command avoids getting hand contaminated. ILONA (patented) doesn't need installing.

It's stable on its own, is vandal-proof, very sturdy and compatible with any standard bottle.

It can also be fixed to the ground. Technical characteristics: Brushed stainless steel

Height: 1000 mm

Diametre: 114 mm

Foot diameter 330 mm Adaptable to any bottle with a push-in top Diameter max 110 mm - Height max : 300 mm

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