Handheld Valve Exerciser RS-2
Handheld Valve Exerciser RS 2
Handheld Valve Exerciser RS-2
Image of RS2- handheld SFI Aust
Image of RS2 hand held valve excersiser ValveMax SFI

Handheld Valve Exerciser RS-2

The RS-2 Portable Valve Operator for rising and non-rising stem valves delivers up to 800 lb-ft torque and a maximum of 55 rpm for fast, reliable opening and closing of water, wastewater, pipeline and petrochemical valves.

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• Mount to any handwheel with “Universal Handwheel Adapter”.
• Forward and reverse operation.
• Variable speed control.
• Built in easy view LCD counter.
Machine Capacity Operates all rising and non risingstem valves from 6” to 60”, which require mechanized turning.

• Lightweight aluminium gear box
• Two stage reduction
• Planetary motor drive
• Steel ring and pinion secondary drive

Revolution Counter

Built in “easy view” LCD counter. Push button reset counts 1/10 revolution increments, forward and reverse, automatically

Drive Hub

4” opening for rising stem valve

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