Image of P2 Hydraulic Handheld
P2 Hydraulic
Image of P2 Hydraulic Handheld
image of P2 Electric - handheld

Handheld Valve Exerciser - P2


The P2 offers increased productivity, operator safety and valve protection. Perfect for hard to reach valves, valve exercising and fast shut down. Delivers controlled power to operated valves from 6” to 60”.

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  • Features
  • Specifications
• Lightweight, yet designed for heavy day to day use.
• Maximum valve protection with adjustable torque control up to 800 ft./lbs.
• Safety features include GFI* (ground fault interrupter) speed control, torque control and automatic shut-off.
Machine Capacity

Operates all gate valves 6” to 60” (15.3 to 152.4 cm) and other equipment requiring mechanized turning

Electric Motor Control

2 speed gear box: (Low RPM/High Torque) (High RPM/Low Torque); Overload reset button; On/off, forward/reverse and neutral; GFI ground fault interrupter) with test and reset

Hydraulic Motor Control

Adjustable torque setting valve from 0 to 800 ft./lbs. with torque indicator gauge; Reversing valve, spring loaded self centering automatic stop after release

Pnematic Motor Control

Reversible pneumatic motor with spring loaded on/off lever.
Automatic stop after release

Revolution Counter

Built in digital counter display. Push button reset counts in 1/10 revolution increments, forward and reverse automatically

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