Image of Eclipse #9800WC
Eclipse 9800WC
Image of Eclipse #9800WC
Image of Eclipse #9800WC SFI
Image of Eclipse #9800WC
Image of Eclipse #9800WC sampling station

Eclipse #9800WC

Warm climate service area? Here's an Automatic Flushing station designed and engineered specifically for you. 

This permanently installed #9800WC provides excellent flow rates of up to 150 gallons per minute, offering the ability to rapidly improve and maintain healthy chlorine residual levels and flush disinfectant by-products (DBPs). How convenient for keeping Australias water safe for its consumers!

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  • Non-draining
  • Automatic valve, controller, battery
  • Above grade flow adjustment
  • Lockable UV resistant cover and base
  • 1' bury
  • 2" MIP inlet
  • Valve rated at 150 psi / 570 lpm
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