Eclipse i-Series model #9800WCi
Eclipse i Series model 9800WCi
Eclipse i-Series model #9800WCi
Eclipse i-Series model #9800WCi
Eclipse i-Series #9800WCi Closed

Eclipse i-Series model #9800WCi

Residual levels and disinfectant by-products in water systems need to be kept under control to maintain a safe water supply for Australian consumers.

The Eclipse i-Series model #9800WCi can help you do exactly that. This permanently installed station contains a built-in chlorine analyzer that measures and records disinfectant residual levels based on a programmed sampling schedule. 

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  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Two micro-SD cards and standard SD adapters
  • Amperometric Chlorine Analyzer
  • Automatic fail-safe solenoid operated valve
  • Locking UV resistant cover and base
  • 1' bury
  • 2" MIP inlet
  • Flow adjustments (up to 760 lpm)
  • 120VAC or 24 VDC power required
  • Valve rated at 150 psi / 570 lpm
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