Image of Eclipse #82WC
Eclipse 82WC
Image of Eclipse #82WC
Image of Eclipse #82WC

Eclipse #82WC

Collecting bateriological samples from homes and businesses can be inconvenient and ineffective. Thats why we recommend the Eclipse #82WC Sampling Station. Designed specifically for collecting bacterialogical samples directly from the water main, this innovative Sampling Station provides a 24/7 designated sampling site to retrieve samples at any time. 



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  • All surgical stainless steel working parts and waterway
  • Lockable UV resistant enclosure
  • Freeze proof to -20°F
  • 1" bury or less
  • 2" MIP inlet
  • 2" ball-valve blow-off
  • 3/8" sampling point with 1/4" ball valve
  • 1/2" mechanical temperature control valve
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