Eclipse 88 SS
Eclipse 88 SS
Eclipse 88 SS
Image of Eclipse #88-SS valvemax product
Image of Eclipse #88-SS

Eclipse #88-SS

Have you ever wondered why collecting bacteriological samples has to be so inconvenient? Well it doesn't have to be; the solution is simple! Just install an Eclipse #88-SS Surgical Stainless Steel Sampling Station at a convenient point directly from the water main. Collecting bacteriological samples will become a trivial task in comparison to the chore it used to be, especially since it can be done at any time of the day, any day of the week.



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  • Designed for use in all climates
  • Lockable cast-aluminium enclosure
  • Freeze proof
  • Vinyl outlet covers to keep out contaminants
  • No drain valve to prevent cross‐ contamination
  • All surgical stainless steel working parts and waterway
  • 3" bury or less
  • 7/16” compression style sampling point
  • 3/4" FIP inlet
  • 1/4” petcock/evacuation tube to remove excess water in freezing seasons
  • 7/16” compression style sampling point
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