image of Eclipse #88WC valve max product
Eclipse 88WC
image of Eclipse #88WC valve max product
Image of Eclipse #88WC SFI

Eclipse #88WC

Imagine if all you had to do to collect a bacteriological sample was walk up to a box that was strategically placed in an easily accessable location, and everything you needed was right in front of you. But don't stop there, it goes beyond imagination. It is possible to do this with the  Eclipse #88WC Sampling Station. And you can do it any time, any day, any weather because the Eclipse #88WC Sampling Station is designed specifically for collecting bacteriological samples at a designated point directly from the water main.  

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  • Lockable cast-aluminium enclosure
  • All brass working parts and waterway
  • Non-draining 
  • 1' bury
  • 1" MIP inlet and flow
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