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Image of Guillotine Saw
Guillotine Saw
Image of Guillotine Saw
Image of Guillotine Saw valvemax
image of Guillotine Saw ValveMax Product
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Guillotine Saw Super C, Model D
Image of Guillotine Saw

Guillotine Saw

E.H. Wachs® family of reciprocating Guillotine® pipe saws are designed to cold cut pipe solids, multi-stranded casing strings and nested materials from 2" to 12" (DN50-300 or 5-30 cm).

Product Code
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Long blade life
  • Portable, rugged design
  • Quick cold cuts
  • Requires minimal cleareance
  • Easy set up, vertical or horizontal

Machine Capacity

Cold Cuts all pipe material
Super C: 2”-12” (51-305 mm) pipe    Solids through 12-3/4 “ (324mm) dia.
Model D; 6”-18” (152 - 457 mm) pipe    Solids through 18-5/8” (473 mm) dia.
Super D: 10”-24” (254 - 610 mm) pipe    Solids through 24-1/2” 9622 mm)


AIR MOTOR DRIVE    50 c.f.m. @ 85 psi / 1.4m3 @5.9 Bar
ELECTRIC DRIVE    15 amp, 110 or 220 volt single phase
HYDRAULIC DRIVE    10gpm @ 1500 psi / 38 l/m @106 Bar


Super C: 28” (711mm) overall width 2-a/2” (63.5mm) on one side minimum
Model D: 32” (813mm) overall width 3” (76mm) on one side minimum
Super D: 39” (991 mm) overall width 3” (76 mm) on one side minimum


Super C: Operating: 52kg    Shipping: 188kg
Model D: Operating: 154kg    Shipping 188kg
Super D: Operating: 234kg    Shipping 281kg

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