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Image of Eclipse #88WC-SS sampling station
Eclipse 88WC SS
Image of Eclipse #88WC-SS sampling station
Image of Eclipse #88WC-SS sampling station SFI

Eclipse #88WC-SS

Convenience is certainly a principal feature of the Eclipse #88WC-SS. This sampling station provides a 24/7 designated sampling site where bacteriological samples can be retrieved directly from the water main. 



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  • All surgical stainless steel working parts and waterway
  • Lockable cast-aluminium enclosure
  • Non-draining
  • Designed for use in non‐freezing  warm climates
  • Vinyl outlet covers to keep out contaminants
  • Maintainable from above ground
  • 1' bury
  • 1/2" MIP inlet and flow
  • 7/16” compression style blow‐off
  • 1/4” hydraulic cylinder petcock sampling bibb
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