ACTEW Water Custom Setup - Side White
ACTEW Water Custom Setup Side White
ACTEW Water Custom Setup - Side White
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Custom Demountable Skid
Custom Ute Setup skid and mount
Power Station Custom Setup - ERV750

Skid & Mounted Valve Exerciser

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TM-7 Exercising System

The ERV-750 Valve Exerciser adds the second turner option of the Standard Duty TM-7 with capacity of 1,500ft-lb (2033 Nm) of torque. Includes TM-7 Frame, Head, Electronic Controls and Swivel Mounting Interface; existing hydraulic reservoir, heat exchanger and controls shipped as part of the original order are then reutilised to complete the assembly.

ERV-750 Exercising System

The Wachs ERV-750 allows a single operator to quickly and easily reach and turn any valve from 6”to 60”. With a 13 foot reach, it will apply up to 750 ft-lbs of torque using our patented Intelligent Automation. Easily mounts to either truck or trailer.

Valve Machine Intelligent Automation

VMT valve exercisers utilize patented “no assumption” automation technology to safely and effectively turn valves. This technology protects the operators by keeping “hands off” the machine while exercising the valve and protects the valve by not assuming size, direction or current position. Allowing the machine to follow the path of least resistance, the programming and sensors automatically stop the rotation and reverse in half turn increments as to flush calcification from valve gate. This patented automation always exercises valve at the minimum torque required to turn, then automatically lowers preset threshold once rotation begins so impactat end of valve travel is soft as possible.

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