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VITALS Software 3.3.1 (Valve Information Tracking and Logging System) equips an operator to record critical valve information and GPS position valve location while exercising valves. This information can them be synchronized between the HC-100 handheld controller and desktop GIS.

Custom valve ID information recorded includes: 

  • the number of turns
  • maximum torque 
  • valve location
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  • Specifications

To eliminate valuable downtime, VITALS diagnostics quickly identifies issues relating to:

  • settings
  • brakes
  • counter
  • GPS
  • hydraulics  

Additional features include:

  • Turns Bar Indicator 
  • Auto-Detect Controller Port 
  • Auto-Detect GPS             
  • Auto-Connect to Exerciser
  • Bluetooth Indicator          
  • No Activity Valves
  • Error Indicator                  
  • Customer GPS Naming
  • Power Save                      
  • Language Selection
Download VITALS Software 3.3.1 with VITALS Mobile (for HC-100 handheld controller #79-422-01/79-422-02 sold separately) and VITALS Desktop (for use on desktop GIS system).
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