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  • How to Implement a Valve Maintenance
    7 Steps on how to implement a Valve Maintenance Program
  • 2017 Hunter Water project-Valve Maintenance
    This blog is about our project with Hunter Water using the valve maintenance trailer helps businesses saving in critical valve replacement. Valve Main…
  • Have you heard about our Valve Exercising trailer?
    Valve Exercising program can help you locate and exercise water valves to ensure that they function/operate properly.
  • Why Valve Exercising?
    Why do valves need to be exercised? What is valve exercising?
  • Valvemax at WIOA September
    SFI Valvemax will be represented at the Water Industry Operations Association exhibition in September 2015 held in Bendigo.
  • See Us At WIOA June
    SFI ValveMAX will be exhibiting a range of products at the Water Industry Operators Association exhibition in Toowoomba on the 17 & 18 June 2015.
  • How to Exercise
    Recommended process for exercising valves.
  • WIOA Rockhampton
    SFI Australia was represented at the WIOA Exhibition in Rockhampton by Valvemax and Civilmax products.
  • Oz Water
    SFI Valvemax at Oz Water Show 2016
  • 3 Things You Don't Want on a Sampling
    While the cost of the repair or replacement may be inexpensive, the cost of digging out a Sampling Station may be substantial. Here's 3 things to…
  • Got DBP's or Residuals?
    Disinfectant By-Products (DBP's) have been shown to cause major health problems such as heart disease, cancer and recent links to Alzheimer's…
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